Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Strong thunderstorms produce flooding - power outages

Heavy thunderstorms produced flooding on the West Island Tuesday afternoon. (Global TV)
A line of strong thunderstorms slowly crept across the Island of Montreal yesterday afternoon with strong winds and torrential rain. I measured 33.6mm of rain on L'Ile Perrot in less than two hours but as much as 47mm fell in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue and across the West Island. It was a little too much water for storm sewers and flooding resulted. Several roads were closed temporarily while the water receded. A couple of trees were knocked down as well in Pointe Claire and Hydro Quebec reported nearly 30,000 customers without power. The temperature managed a muggy 28C before the storms hit around 1:30pm.

The ragged base of the storm cloud had some scud on the bottom (wind driven cloud). This is often mistaken for a funnel cloud which is being reported today on many media outlets as well as social media. I did not observe a funnel cloud on my side of the airport, just scud, however information provided to Environment Canada suggest one may have occurred near Trudeau Airport around 2:30pm. It did not reach the ground, and no damage or rotation was reported.

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