Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Widespread fires & searing heat west - showery east

Cities such as Saskatoon, Regina and Moose Jaw had terrible air quality on Monday from fierce fires burning in the NWT. (CTV News)
The same weather pattern remains locked in place across Canada as we approach the end of June. We have a big ridge of high pressure in the west pumping hot and dry air north from the desert southwest into B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan. A deep trough exists in the east with frequent fronts, cooler and wet weather. Montreal and most of southern Quebec and Ontario can't seem to go more than day without some form of rain.

Smoke plumes generated by large forest fires in northern Canada drift south across western Canada and into the northern US. (NASA)
Meanwhile over 135 brush and forest fires  are burning across the NWT and northwest Saskatchewan producing dense smoke that has settled across Saskatchewan and into Montana and the northern US. On Monday many locations in Saskatchewan including Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Regina had visibilities under 1km for much of the day. The smoke is generating very poor air quality, limiting outdoor activities as well as making driving dangerous. Temperatures have soared to over 35C (95F) in many locations with numerous all time June record highs broken in interior B.C. and Alberta. There is no relief in sight with hot weather forecast through the week across western Canada.

Here in Montreal sunshine today will allow for temperatures to rise into the middle 20's. Sadly another frontal system will bring showers and thunderstorms tonight into the Canada Day holiday. After a wet Wednesday with thunderstorms, high pressure will bring sunshine and warmer weather Thursday into this upcoming weekend..

Monday, 29 June 2015

The slow start to summer continues for Montreal

That was one miserable Sunday in southern Quebec and across most of our neighboring regions. I measured around 16mm of rain on Sunday bringing the monthly total up to a soggy 135mm, well above normal. Most of the region has had a very wet June with some localities in Vermont and New York reporting the wettest June on record. Burlington, Vermont is now listed at the 4th wettest on record with 8.62" (218mm) of rainfall. Sunday was also a cold day in the St. Lawrence Valley with gusty east winds and temperatures around 15C (60F) all day. The official high was 19C (66F) but that was shortly after midnight. Temperatures fell for the rest of the day.

The storm responsible for the nasty weather is lifting northeast across southern Quebec this morning with plenty of clouds and drizzle around. Some partial clearing will occur today but it will remain chilly with highs of only 19C. On Tuesday warmer air will move into Quebec but with an increase in clouds with showers and thunderstorms developing. The high will be 25C (77F). At this time Canada Day is expected to be cloudy with showers and thunderstorms but mild at 24C (76F).
A downed tree lies on a van in Lawrence, Massachusetts. (NWS Taunton)
Other parts of New England and eastern Canada had heavy rain and strong winds from the weekend storm. Numerous trees and power lines came down, some on cars. Thousands were left without power across New England and New York. High surf pounded beaches from Maine to New Jersey.

On the other side of the country searing heat and dry weather helped numerous forest fires spread across B.C and Alberta as well as northern Saskatchewan. Temperatures pushed over 40C (104F) in interior southern B.C. as well as southwest Alberta with middle the 30's into other portions of both provinces and southwest Saskatchewan.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Unsettled end to June for Northeast & Quebec

Low pressure will move from Ohio to near Montreal this weekend with heavy rain and wind. (AccuWeather)
I wish I had better news as we enter the final weekend of June, but sadly I don't. A big ridge in the west and dip in the east in the jet stream is keeping the warmest weather across western Canada. Temperatures will soar into the 30's across B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan. Meanwhile Ontario and Quebec will remain at or below normal in the temperature department. Specifically here in Montreal we can expect a sunny day Friday with a high near 23C (74F). This is below the long term average by a few degrees. Sunshine will prevail Saturday with similar temperatures but clouds will be on the increase in the afternoon. The clouds will herald a rather vigorous system for late June that will move form the Ohio Valley slowly into southern Quebec on Sunday. This storm will tap into Gulf moisture and spread rain across the region. At this time rainfall amounts are expected to exceed 25mm. This will add to a very wet moth of June for Montreal as we have measured over 125mm (5 inches) of rainfall. The normal for June in Montreal should be around 87mm. In addition to the rain on Sunday, gusty winds in excess of 50km/h are forecast. Temperatures will be well below normal with the thick clouds and rain, reaching only 16C (60F).

The poor weather will continue into the start of next week with showers and thunderstorms forecast through Tuesday with below normal temperatures.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Quiet summer weather for southern Quebec & Ontario

A spectacular photo of just one of the many tornadoes reported in southern Manitoba on Wednesday afternoon. This photo was taken near Manitou, Manitoba. (Global News/J Klassen)
A ridge of high pressure will provide southern Quebec and eastern Ontario with three days of near perfect summer weather. Temperatures will be near the normal high of 25C (77F) with perfect overnight lows near 16C (60F). The humidity levels will be low and no precipitation is forecast until Sunday for Montreal. As the ridge slides east on Saturday low pressure will approach from the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes. At this time this system appears to be rather strong for late June and will begin a period of unsettled weather into the middle portion of next week and possibly the Canada Day holiday. On Sunday expect steady rain, in excess of 25mm (1 inch), along with gusty winds and cool temperatures.

Manitoba Tornado
While we have decent weather forecast here in Montreal, strong thunderstorms will produce severe weather from the upper Midwest into the middle Atlantic states today. It has been a stormy few days from Saskatchewan and Manitoba south into the Dakotas and points east towards Illinois. Numerous tornadoes were observed over the last 48 hours including several in southern Manitoba on Wednesday. Large hail also fell along with heavy rain and flash flooding. At one point on Wednesday a massive swirling cluster of storms stretched over 50,000 feet into the atmosphere and covered the entire state of Iowa. Thousands were left without power in sweltering heat from Illinois to New Jersey as the storms pressed south and east. More are forecast today with millions in the path of the potential severe storms.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Strong storms pass south of Montreal

A radar capture this morning shows the heaviest rain and thunderstorms (deep red and yellow), moving east across southern Ontario and into New York State well south of Montreal and Ottawa.
Watching the radar trends early this morning, it appears the heaviest rain and strong thunderstorms are moving south of Montreal. It has been a very stormy night in the Great Lakes basin including Toronto. A wide area of heavy rain and thunderstorms has been affecting southern Ontario as far east as Kingston and then south into New York state. The system has produced heavy rain along with flash flooding as well as frequent lightning. It looks like the bulk of the heavy weather associated with this front will remain in New York and Vermont today. There is just an outside chance of a shower or afternoon thunderstorm in Quebec, especially along the US border. The strongest storms with hail and high winds will be focused in southern Vermont and New Hampshire.

Montreal can expect another muggy day before the atmosphere dries out a little on Wednesday. It was very mild overnight, remaining near 20C (68F). The high temperature today will be near 24C (76F). Winds will be gusty up to 60km/h in the St. Lawrence Valley. It will be clear, windy and cool overnight with a low near 13C (55F). Wednesday looks sunny with a slight chance of an afternoon shower and a high near 23C (73F).

Monday, 22 June 2015

Thunderstorms expected for Tuesday commute in Montreal

This photo above is from Sheldon Regional Airport in northwest Iowa. Winds in excess of 95mph (152km/h) flattened several hangers destroying aircraft. The cluster of thunderstorms knows a derecho, moved rapidly across several states with damage reported over a 400km swath. (TWC)
 A large area of rain and thunderstorms will advance northeast and arrive in southern Quebec just in time for the Tuesday morning commute in Montreal, between 5 and 8am. Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement highlighting the heavy rain and possible storms. This morning the same weather system produced a wide swath of damaging thunderstorms with powerful winds exceeding 100mph (160km/h). The storms, also know as a derecho, caused major damage from South Dakota to Wisconsin. In the simplest terms, a derecho is know as a widespread fast-moving windstorm associated with severe weather. Numerous reports of structural damage and power outages were reported during the early morning hours. The thunderstorms are now pushing across Michigan towards southern Ontario and the eastern Great Lakes.

Last night the strongest thunderstorm so far this year to affect the West Island and L'Ile Perrot dumped close to 20mm of rain in less than 30 minutes at my home. Gusty winds and frequent lightning accompanied the 10pm storm. It has been a partly cloudy, humid day in Montreal today with high temperatures around 27C (81F). Tonight will be muggy with mild lows near 18C (65F). Tuesday will start off with widespread rain and thunderstorms from the pre-dawn hours through midday. Once the showers and storms move off to the east of Montreal, skies should clear, but it will be very windy, gusting from 40-70km/h in the St. Lawrence Valley. Temperatures will be mild again, up to 26C (79F). A spell of quiet, cool and dry weather is then expected from Wednesday through Friday.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Welcome to Summer 2015 Montreal

Spring 2015 is just about in the record books with the summer solstice occurring at 12:38 pm Eastern Time on Father's Day, Sunday, June 21st. The term solstice comes from the Greek word solstitium, sol (sun) and stitium (to stop). Indeed the sun appears to come to a complete stop at the Tropic of Cancer, the furthest north it will come on it's summer journey before retreating south. It also means the longest days for us here in Montreal. The sun will come up on Sunday at 5:07 am and set around 8:47 pm giving us 15 hours and 40 minutes of daylight. By comparison we only have 8 hours and 43 minutes on December 21st. From this point on the days will begin to shorten a little each day. The good news is that typically the warmer weather lags behind the solstice so July and August feature the warmest average temperatures for southern Quebec. The sun remains at a great angle and strong throughout the summer well into September.

Tropical storm Bill has been producing heavy rain and flooding from Texas into the middle Atlantic states this week and even New York City this weekend. The heaviest rain should remain south of Montreal. (AP Photo via TWC)
We are looking at a spectacular Saturday with high pressure in place and warm southwest winds. The high for the region will be around 26C (79F). The first day of summer is looking wet at this time here in Montreal. We have low pressure and a potent frontal system moving east from the Great Lakes, as well as the remains of tropical storm Bill moving north into the Ohio Valley. Moisture from the Great Lakes system will arrive this evening in eastern Ontario and overnight in Montreal. Showers with scattered thunderstorms can be expected Sunday into Monday. Temperatures will cool to around 15C (59F) overnight and rise to around 23C (73F) on Sunday in Montreal. Some of the rain may be heavy at times in Ontario and Quebec, especially if we tap into some of the Gulf moisture associated with Bill. Over 20-30mm of rain is possible in southern Quebec with more than 50mm likely in New England. Across the Ohio Valley and Middle Atlantic States numerous flood watches are in effect as 50 to as much as 100mm (2-4 inches) of rain is possible. 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Soggy weather pattern continues for Montreal

Menacing clouds over Trudeau Airport on Tuesday afternoon. Heavy morning rain followed by sunny breaks produced late afternoon thunderstorms. Over 25mm fell on Montreal. (ValleyWX Photo)
Spring is nearly over with the official start to summer this Sunday, June 21. It has not been a very good month so far after what was a brutal winter. Montreal has had over 90mm of rain so far and the month is not over. Southern Quebec remains north of a sultry air mass affecting the central and deep southern US. More showers and thunderstorms are expected today as a cold front crosses southern Quebec. As with Tuesday, some of the showers may be rather heavy. Over 25mm of rain fell on Tuesday across the island of Montreal. The rain caused some minor flooding in several neighborhoods. Before the showers and storms arrive today we are looking at sunshine mixed with clouds and a high of 27C (81F). Behind the front tonight cooler air arrives with a low of 10C (50F). On Friday and Saturday look for sunshine with low humidity and highs from 22 to 24C (72-75F).

Terrible flooding continues in Texas and Oklahoma from the remains of Tropical Storm Bill. Over 1 foot of rain fell just in the overnight period. More rain is forecast today.(Twitter @Ginger_Zee)
Tropical Storm Bill
Bill, the second tropical system of this young season moved inland near Matagorda Island, Texas on Tuesday. The storm has been downgraded to a depression moving slowly northeast over Oklahoma this morning. Bill brought rough surf and some coastal flooding to the Texas Gulf Coast, but the biggest threat continues to be from heavy rain. The region has been saturated so far this month with additional rainfall of over 200mm (8 inches) falling from Bill. Severe flooding is occurring in portions of northeast Texas into Oklahoma and spreading northeast into the Ohio Valley. Some of that moisture will make it into southern New England by Sunday and even enhance the showers and storms forecast for southern Quebec. At this time it looks like the heaviest rain will remain south of Montreal over New England.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Wet weather for Montreal - Bill heads for Texas

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecast track for tropical storm Bill from coastal Texas inland towards the Great Lakes this weekend.
The second tropical system of the 2015 season, Bill, developed late Monday over the Gulf of Mexico. The system is about 180km southwest of Galveston, Texas this morning, moving northwest at 13mph with 50mph winds. Bill will not have time to intensify any further before the center moves inland near Port O'Connor later today. Wind and surge impacts will be minimal but the real threat comes from the heavy rain the system will bring. Already major flooding has occurred over most of east Texas into Oklahoma and Arkansas since the start of May. Another 5-12 inches of rain is possible with Bill and flooding may be significant. The rain and tropical moisture will stream northeast into the Ohio Valley by the weekend. Looking ahead the moisture from Bill may impact the weekend forecast in the Great Lakes and here in southern Quebec. We will have to see how the system holds together.

In the meantime southern Quebec, including Montreal, remain and the periphery of a dome of hot and humid air. Temperatures soared to above 32C (90F) over many portions of the central and eastern US on Monday. Montreal on the other hand could do no better than 24C (75F). We will likely see the same weather today but with an increase in moisture with showers and thunderstorms scattered about starting this morning and lasting into the late afternoon. Skies will clear out this evening but temperatures will be cooler overnight with a low of 12C (54F). Wednesday looks sunny but cool again, only reaching 22C (72F) for a high.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Unsettled weather week ahead for Montreal

Above & below: This past weekend was near perfect with seasonable highs near 26C (79F) and comfortable lows around 15C (59F). Abundant sunshine and low humidity made it perfect for anything outdoors. The great weather brought plenty of cars and visitors to Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue for the annual Cruisin at the Boardwalk car show. (ValleyWX Photos)

 Most of Ontario and Quebec remain in an active weather pattern with frequent frontal systems bringing us showers and thunderstorms. The intense heat and humidity with values exceeding 37C (100F) remains well south of our region across the middle Atlantic and southeast US states. This has left us with moderate temperatures in the middle 20's during the day and mid teens overnight.

Adding to the influx of moisture will be the development early this week of a tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico. This storm is expected to develop in the next day or so and move into east Texas or Louisiana. Tropical moisture will stream northeast along the frontal boundary and produce rainfall by next weekend. Until then we are looking at a mix of sunshine and clouds with frequent showers and thunderstorms today into late Tuesday and once again Thursday into Friday. No one period will be wet for too long but it wont be a perfect week either for outdoor activity. This pattern is expected to hold well into next week. Temperatures will try to reach the middle 20's but it will depend on how much sunshine we get.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Rainy Friday - perfect weekend for Montreal

More rain is forecast for southern Quebec today, prompting Environment Canada to issue a Special Weather Statement for the Townships. Over 30mm (1 inch) of rain is possible in the same area where cleanup continues from Tuesday nights flooding. (Photo Alex Leduc CBC News)
Another wave of low pressure and frontal boundary will pass south of Montreal over the next few hours with more rain and thunderstorms forecast. Expect 15-30mm of rain for Montreal through midnight with more than 30mm in some of the flood weary sections of the Eastern Townships.  It will be a mild and muggy day with highs near 23C (73F). It has been a wet month so far in southern Quebec with 54mm measured at Trudeau Airport through June 10 and 57.4mm here on L'Ile Perrot. Much more precipitation has fallen in other parts of southern Quebec, well over 100mm in portions of the Townships. Thunderstorms are possible as well but the strongest storms will remain south of Montreal in New York. Storms late Wednesday evening were rather spectacular all around L'Ile Perrot once again and especially across the southern Laurentians and Laval. So far every wave of severe weather this season seems to be skirting around the perimeter of Montreal.

The good news for eastern Ontario, southern Quebec and northern New England is that high pressure will build into the region for a sunny and dry weekend with high temperature near 26C (79F) both Saturday and Sunday. Overnight lows will be very pleasant near 16C (60F). More rain returns for Monday.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Heavy rain forces evacuations in Coaticook - Townships

Heavy rain, over 77mm overnight, has caused major flooding in Coaticook in the Eastern Townships. 
(CTV News Photo)
Over 40mm of rain has fallen in Montreal since Monday with more thunderstorms forecast this afternoon into the evening hours. While the rain has been nothing more than a nuisance so far in the city, it has produced serious flooding southeast of Montreal.

To be exact 38.2mm of rain has fallen on L'Ile Perrot since early Monday morning, but over 75mm (3 inches) of rain fell in Coaticook in the Eastern Townships in just a few hours late yesterday afternoon and into the overnight hours. The rain caused the Coaticook River to rapidly flood with roads washed out and cars swept away. Nearly 30 homes were evacuated overnight in the tiny community located south of Sherbrooke near the Vermont border. The rain also flooded Compton closing every road into that community. Firefighters had to rescue at least one motorist trapped in their vehicle. No other injuries have been reported so far. Heavy rain  and thunderstorms also occurred across central New York into northern Vermont. Several rivers in Vermont including the Winooski and Barton are reporting flooding this morning. All rivers in the region may begin to rise today due to runoff. My daughter is in Lennoxville not far from Compton, and lives on the Massawippi River, all looks good there so far.

It will be another rather warm and humid day across the region with a cold front arriving late in the day. Thunderstorms are forecast to develop in the St. Lawrence Valley in Ontario by 5pm and move southeast. Temperatures will warm to near 25C (77F) today in Montreal. Showers and storms will taper off overnight with clearing into Thursday. Temperatures will drop to 15C (60F) tonight and back up to 24C (76F) Thursday.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Warm but wet week ahead for southern Quebec

Emergency crews flank the West Jet Boeing 737 that slid off the runway Friday afternoon at Trudeau Airport in Montreal. (AP Photo)
Heavy rain showers on Friday afternoon in Montreal forced a West Jet Boeing 737, Flight 588 from Toronto, off the runway and into a grassy area at Trudeau Airport. None of the 110 passengers or crew were injured in the accident that occurred around 2:45pm in a blinding rain. Emergency crews were on the scene in seconds, but with no threat of fire, passengers were allowed to exit the plane normally. The aircraft was fully evacuated by 4pm but remained in the grass as officials carried out their investigation. This cause long delays for other aircraft arriving and departing.

The rain Friday put a damper on events at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for the Formula One Canadian Grand Prix but thankfully most of the day was dry and the balance of the weekend was perfect for the main event.

A series of low pressure areas will move along the international border this week and produce a very humid period of weather for Montreal. Over the next 24 to 36 hours periods of showers, some heavy at times and perhaps thunder as well, will put down 25-50mm (1-2 inches) of rainfall over the entire region. I have recorded 13.6mm already since midnight or about 1/2 inch here on L'Ile Perrot. Temperatures will be near normal to start the week with the clouds and showers keeping highs in the low 20's. It will be mild overnight with lows around 15C. By Wednesday some clearing will allow the mercury to creep up into the middle 20's. By Thursday more showers and thunderstorms are possible as the rather humid weather continues.

Meanwhile a large ridge in western Canada is pumping some of the hottest June air on record into interior portions of the Pacific northwest and British Columbia. Temperatures in the Okanagon Valley exceeded 35C (95F) yesterday and will do the same today. Temperatures were over 38C (100F) in Oregon.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Great weather for Grand Prix weekend in Montreal

No rain is forecast for the F-1 race this weekend in Montreal, unlike the 2011 event above. Rain is hard on the drivers and miserable for the fans.
 We are looking at a great weekend but a little cool for the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada here in Montreal. Literally tens of thousands of tourists pour into to the city for various events leading up to the the F-1 race at 2pm Sunday at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. At this time the weekend will be framed with showers and thunderstorms, some today and more late Sunday into the overnight. In between we are looking at dry weather with temperatures a little below normal, 20C (68F) Saturday, and 23C (73F) on race day Sunday.

Today, a cold front will be moving across the St. Lawrence Valley late this afternoon with showers and perhaps a thunderstorm or two. The temperature will be close to 24C (75F) for a high. Southern Quebec is not looking for lots of rainfall, but with thunderstorms the possibility always exists for a downpour or two. Skies will clear out tonight and it will be chilly with an overnight low of 9C (48F). late June, early July outlook.

El Nino - Summer 2015
It is early in the 2015 summer weather season but I don't like the pattern that is developing in the St.Lawrence Valley. Many different weather outlets are debating whether it will be a cool or warm summer. It looks like a moderate summer to me by all the indicators, which basically means not overly hot or cold, let's say seasonable. We have however grown very accustom to very hot summers here in Montreal, so we may find it quite cool this year. Time will tell but with a strengthening El Nino in the Pacific Ocean, the indications are it will be a slightly cooler than normal summer for southern Quebec with above normal rainfall.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sunshine & warmer weather for Grand Prix weekend

June has had a dismal start in Montreal with yesterday being downright miserable. We managed to squeeze out a 14C (57F) high very late in the afternoon as some breaks of sun appeared. Most of the day had a heavy grey overcast with drizzle and a gusty northeast wind making it feel like October. It was cold overnight with scattered frost north of Montreal and a low of 4C (39F) in the city. High pressure will begin to make it feel a little more June like today as sunshine prevails and temperatures respond, warming into the low 20's. The sun will be with us through early Friday before a cold front arrives with showers and scattered thunderstorms.

An early look into the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix weekend in Montreal shows nearly perfect weather for Formula One fans. The weather looks dry with seasonable temperatures both days with highs between 20 and 24C (68 to 75F) and overnight lows a little chilly around 9C (48F). The cooler weather should make for some great racing this weekend.

Hurricane Season
June 1st was the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season. Forecasters are expecting a below average year as the effects of a strong Pacific El Nino begin to impact North American weather. The National Hurricane Center predicts 6 to 11 named storms, of which 3-6 will become hurricanes and perhaps 1 or 2 of those major storms. Weakening storms can often affect portions of Atlantic Canada, Quebec and even Ontario.

The forecast path of Hurricane Blanco in the Pacific off Mexico. (NHC)
The hurricane season starts two weeks earlier in the north Pacific Ocean and we have a strengthening named storm this morning. Hurricane Blanco is nearly stationary 445 miles south of Manzanillo, Mexico with winds of 110mph early this morning. The storm is expected to intensify rapidly today and become a major hurricane. Forecast movement is towards the northwest and Blanco could affect the coast of  Baja California by the weekend, but as a weakening storm. Heavy surf will impact the west coast of Mexico all week.

Monday, 1 June 2015

A cool start to June for Montreal

Montreal will remain on the extreme northern edge of a windy wet storm to start June. Clouds, showers and cool weather are expected through Tuesday. The heaviest rain will remain in NY and Vermont.
Welcome to meteorological summer. I know it does not feel like it this morning but we have turned the page on the calendar and are now into the warmest three months of the year. We are off to a rather cool start this Monday after a bizarre weather weekend. On Saturday, Montreal had its warmest high temperature so far in 2015 at 30.5C (87F). A few spots even broke the 32C (90F) mark in southern Quebec and northern New England.  Strong thunderstorms occurred all around the city of Montreal but none here. As a matter of fact the last three severe weather outbreaks in southern Quebec have missed Montreal. Storms did occur elsewhere in the province with tress down, thousands without power and over 25mm (1 inch) of rain in a short period of time in the Laurentians along the St. Lawrence River northeast of Montreal and across the Townships. Heavy rain also fell across southern Ontario with 74.2mm in Windsor for the weekend, more than I measured at my home on L'Ile Perrot the entire month of May. The front brought a sharp drop in temperatures from 31C at my home late Saturday down to 8C by Sunday morning.

Strong wind gusts over 70km/h in southern Quebec on Saturday peeled back the roof of this apartment building in the Auteuil district of Laval. (@JWhittalTWN) (Photo: Mel Sicard)

Sunday turned out to be a very cold day with a well below normal high of only 14C (58F) in Montreal along with spotty showers and gusty northwest winds. The rainfall to end the month in Montreal brought us up to 77.2mm for May, just shy of the normal of 81.2mm. Most of the rain was convective in nature so it was highly variable around the city with only 60 to 65mm reported in Vaudreuil and L'Ile Perrot for the month, but 108.2mm at the McTavish station in downtown Montreal. May was a very warm month despite what many think. The average temperature was 16.6C (61.8F) at Trudeau Airport well above the 30 year average of 13.4C (56.1F).

June will start chilly as strong low pressure passes south of Montreal. Showers and clouds will dominate the weather through Tuesday night with temperatures no better than 15C (59F). High pressure will move into southern Quebec by Wednesday with sunny, warm and dry weather forecast to end the week.