Monday, 15 September 2014

Below normal temperatures for Montreal

The sun breaks through the clouds early Sunday morning on Mount Washington, NH. It was a sign of the seasons as cold temperatures produce rime ice and there was even some freezing rain over the weekend.
This is the last full week of summer, but if you stepped outside at any point this weekend, you would think it has checked out already. It was a weekend more suited for mid-October, with cold temperatures, lots of cloud cover, and at times heavy rain on Saturday. Saturday produced 15-25mm of rain across southern Quebec, far more than I was expecting. What should have been spotty showers, turned into a deluge through the middle afternoon. I recorded 18mm here on L'Ile Perrot. The clouds and rain kept temperatures cool with highs near 13C (55F) well below the normal of 19C (66F). Sunday was a touch better, dry, but just as cold with highs near 11C (52F) and lows near 4C (39F).

We nearly had frost early this morning here on L'Ile Perrot with the temperature bottoming out at 2.8C at 3am. The coldest readings were observed across the Townships with several reports of 0C. Clouds and fog developed after that point helping the temperature to warm a few degrees to 7C where we sit now. The week looks rather unsettled but with a very slow warming trend, and by Saturday we should be back to normal, 20C. In the short term clouds today with some sunshine and much warmer highs of 17C (63F). Overnight will be milder but with showers developing that will persist into midday Tuesday. By Wednesday skies should clear out but it will be cool once again with high in the lower teens. The next risk for frost will come by early Thursday morning as lows again head towards 0C across southern Quebec and eastern Ontario.

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