Monday, 20 October 2014

Cool and wet weather week for Montreal

It most definitely feels like fall this morning as temperatures have dropped from highs in the upper teens on Saturday to 0C (32F) this morning, here on L'Ile Perrot. Despite it being cold, it is a dry morning and should remain that way for today. That however is the extent of the good news for this week. All I can say is that it will be a typical week for middle October. After a high of 10C (50F) today with partly cloudy skies, we can expect clouds to thicken tonight. Low pressure will move from the Ohio Valley to New York City and become nearly stationary. An easterly flow of moist Atlantic air will almost guarantee cloud cover along with periods of rain through Thursday. Temperatures will not fluctuate much from lows to highs, generally in the 8 to 11C (48-52F) range. Rainfall may be significant in some locations especially closer to the US border with forecast amounts between 25-75mm (1-3 inches) by the end of the week.
Heavy rain from Gonzalo in St. John's, Newfoundland on Sunday morning. (Canadian Press Photo)
Post tropical storm Gonzalo is on the way to the United Kingdom this morning, moving rapidly across the north Atlantic, as a strong ocean storm. The once category 4 hurricane brushed by the southeast coast of Newfoundland in the wee hours of Sunday morning. A short period of very heavy rain dumped between 50-75mm (1-3 inches) on the eastern portion of the province with 69.1mm at Mount Pearl and 51.6mm  at St John's. Winds were very strong, especially offshore with a gust to 158km/h reported on a Hibernia Rig (Ocean VEP 717) on the Laurentian Fan. That wind elevated seas to over 10 metres (30 feet) offshore with some large waves crashing against the coast. A top wind speed of 74km/h was observed at St John's Airport with 100km/h at Cape Race. Minor flooding was reported but not much in the way of damage. The storm was over in just a few hours.

A spectacular shot of Cape Race after Gonzalo on Sunday morning. (Twitter @StormhunterTWN)

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