Monday, 24 November 2014

A 24 hour break from winter in southern Ontario & Quebec

The crazy western New York weather will write a new chapter today as strong south winds drive the temperature up over 60F. The warmth combined with showers will help produce flooding as the 3 to 6 feet of lake effect snow melts rapidly. 
(Photo AOL News)
A warm front is in the process of lifting across southern Quebec this morning. Heavy rain overnight has put down about 15mm, and all of our snow cover has melted. Temperatures are very mild at 10C (50F) this morning. The rain will come to an end shortly with just a chance of showers for the balance of the day. It will be windy and warm with southerly gusts to 70km/h possible today into tonight in Montreal, and a near record high of 15C (59F). The record high for today in Montreal was 17.5C (64F) set in 1999.

An arctic cold front will blast across Ontario and Quebec tonight and Tuesday with winds gusting as high as 90km/h in some locations and much cooler air arriving. Wind warnings have been posted for many regions of southern Ontario. Temperatures will fall to around 5C (41F) Tuesday and remain there most of the day. It will drop to the freezing point Tuesday night. On Wednesday cold air streaming across the Great Lakes will produce more lake effect snow, especially in central Ontario. A coastal storm is also forecast to develop and move up the American east coast just in time for the busy U.S. Thanksgiving travel period. We will watch that closely to see what impact, if any, it has on southern Quebec. It will turn much colder by the weekend with lows down as cold as -10C and highs remaining well below freezing.

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