Sunday, 8 February 2015

Bitterly cold & snowy for Montreal

NWS Burlington snow forecast including the St. Lawrence Valley. Around 6 inches (15cm) is forecast along the border, with less as you move northwest towards Montreal, 4 inches (5-10cm). Double click map for more detail.
The snowy, cold weather pattern will prevail across eastern Canada with a couple of more waves of low pressure affecting the region this week. A frontal boundary draped across the Great Lakes this morning is the dividing line between the arctic air over Montreal and warmer air to the south. This boundary will be the focus of snowfall today as low pressure rides along it through Monday. Snow and blowing snow is forecast for eastern Ontario, along the 401 and into Montreal today and Monday. It will be light most of the time with 5-10cm from Montreal north and 10-15cm south to the U.S. border and along the 401 corridor. South of the border, winter storm warnings are in place for upstate New York and Vermont for up to 30cm of snow or 1 foot by the time it ends late Monday or early Tuesday. Gusty northeast winds up to 50km/h in the St. Lawrence Valley will blow the snow around and make it feel bitterly cold. This morning it is -18C (0F) in Montreal with a northeast wind at 37km/h and a windchill of -31C (-24F). The cold will last all week with the potential for the coldest night of the winter by Friday or Saturday. More snow is forecast on Wednesday as another clipper crosses the valley. While it seems like we may have had lots of snow this month, it has come in small amounts and has added up to 15-20cm (6-8 inches) for southern Quebec. Let's compare that to Moncton, New Brunswick and other parts of the Maritimes that have had over 150cm (60") in the last 10 days alone with two more storms forecast for this week.

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