Friday, 31 July 2015

Do not leave your dog in a car on a hot summer day

The temperature inside my car with the windows drawn reached 56.1C on a hot spring day back in early May. These temperatures can be reached in as little as 15 minutes with your windows closed.
Why do we have to keep reinforcing what seems like a very simple message to irresponsible dog owners who continue to leave their dogs in hot cars while they shop or eat? Again this week, right here on L'Ile Perrot, a woman doing groceries left her small dog in her car on the hottest day of 2015. The temperature rose to 33C (91F) which likely set the temperature in the car well over 45C (115F). The dog was rescued by some good samaritans and the provincial police were called. Her response when she returned 45 minutes later, she had no idea you should not leave your dog in a hot car. Really? This dog would have died. Even on a 25C (77F) day the temperature will rapidly approach the high 30's (100F) inside your car. Thousands of dogs suffer a similar fate each summer across North America.

This dog was rescued from a hot car on the warmest day of 2015 on L'Ile Perrot. (CJAD)
The temperature can rise very fast in a closed car, even with the windows cracked. Within a few minutes the dog will be suffering from the horrible symptoms of heatstroke and dehydration. A dog can suffer brain damage or even death within as little as 20 minutes. Dogs already have a difficult time in the heat as they don't sweat, but cool through their paws and by panting. Leave the dog at home or have another adult remain in the car while you shop. That is what we do with our Bella. There is no excuse. I posted a picture to show you just how hot it can get in your car. Another note regarding pet safety, be mindful of their paws on hot surfaces. Below is a photo of  how hot the pavement was on Wednesday afternoon.

Watch your dog's paws! A little out of focus but you get the point. The temperature on the pavement here on L'Ile Perrot Wednesday afternoon was a sweltering 58C (136F).

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