Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Summer weather expected through September

A spectacular rainbow over Montreal late last week. Summery weather is forecast for at least the next week. (ValleyWeather)
Welcome to meteorological fall. I love September, in recent years the month has been a perfect mix of summer warmth, but with cooler nights for sleeping. It was not always that way for me, as a child it meant going back to school, and I loved summer too much. It seems that back when I was younger the start of September almost always introduced cooler fall weather. But in recent years, whether through global warming or other factors, September has become an extension of summer.

That brings us to September 2015 and an incredible spell of weather. High pressure is forecast to dominate the weather right through the upcoming Labor Day weekend. Each morning begins the same way with low clouds and fog developing. This is a result of the humid air and longer nights. Once the clouds burn off we can expect sunshine. The sunny weather will last into the weekend. The only glitch will be a weak backdoor cold front overnight tonight that will bring the threat for showers and thunderstorms. Thursday and Friday will be a touch cooler and less humid. High temperatures through next week will range in the middle to upper 20's with lows in the upper teens. The extended forecast is showing a very warm September with above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation for southern Quebec.

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