Thursday, 7 May 2015

Crazy spring with hot weather for some & snow for others

Another May snowstorm for Edmonton. (Edmonton Journal)
While Montreal and most of eastern Canada finally bask in some spring and summer warmth, it was a far different story across central and northern Alberta. Heavy wet snow fell in Edmonton with as much as 20cm reported. The snow will not last very long as warmer weather is forecast by this weekend. Meanwhile the warm weather continues in Quebec. Strong high pressure will produce sunshine through Friday as it slides southeast of the region. Temperatures are forecast to reach 28 to 30C today and Friday. By the weekend more humid air will arrive as a frontal system moves east from the Great Lakes. It will remain warm and become increasingly muggy with showers and thunderstorms expected through the weekend. Cooler air will arrive next week along with showers. Conditions remain very dry across the entire area with burn bans in effect for Quebec, New York and Vermont. No outdoor burning should be done anywhere in the region as the fire risk remains extreme. Several active fires are burning in Quebec and New York.

The amazing WC-130J Hurricane Hunter aircraft on display in Halifax last weekend. (Kalin Mitchell/CBC)
 Tropical Update
The first tropical system of the season is becoming better organized off the southeast US coast. A United States Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft is scheduled to fly into the system later today, so we should know more on the strength of the low pressure soon. If this storm develops further (winds in excess of 39mph) it would be named Ana. Right now it looks like a rainy and windy weekend for the North and South Carolina coastlines.

Speaking of the Hurricane Hunters they are in the middle of their east coast tour visiting several communities which this year included Halifax, Nova Scotia. The goal is to show the public exactly what they do to help with the all important hurricane forecasts as well as to raise awareness of the risks from these storms. On Saturday, May 2, two aircraft including the mighty WC-130J Hurricane Hunter were at Stanfield International Airport in Halifax. Also on hand were officials from both The US National Hurricane Center and The Canadian Hurricane Center. Over 1100 people stopped by for the open house. I wished so much that I could have attended, but sadly it was not a possibility.

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