Monday, 4 May 2015

From winter to summer in one weekend in southern Quebec

(Video from Steve Goyet, TWN & Youtube)

Forget about spring, summer is here. The warmest weather so far in 2015 will surge into Montreal today on gusty southwest winds. Sunshine with a high near 27C (81F) is forecast. Clouds will increase tonight as a cold front approaches the region. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible tonight with a low of 15C (59F). The balance of the week looks fair and warm.

It was a spectacular sunny and warm weekend in Montreal with highs around 26C (79F) both days. The warm and dry weather over the weekend produced numerous dust devils especially Saturday. I witnessed a small one on L'Ile Perrot on Sunday. These tight, rotating columns of air are short lived but can generate winds in excess of 80km/h picking up dust and debris. One whipped up near Lanoraie, northeast of Montreal on Saturday and was captured by Steve Goyet (above).

Today's sunshine and low relative humidity along with southwest winds up to 60km/h will produce ideal weather for brush fires. There are lots of dead leaves and other dry vegetation available as fuels and therefore a special weather statement for an elevated fire risk has been posted. It is in effect for most of the northeast US and New England. While we have no such weather warnings in eastern Ontario or southern Quebec, the exact same conditions prevail. SOPFEU, who monitors forest fires in Quebec has posted a moderate to extreme fire risk for southern Quebec. All outdoor burning should be avoided today.

For more info on dust devils click HERE.

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