Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Quick shot of moderate snow for Montreal
 We all want spring by now, and so I have been told by many to keep the bad news to myself. I am, and continue to be just the messenger, if I had more power, I would be making considerably more money. That being said, it is cold again this morning across southern Quebec. After yesterdays brief flirting with the freezing point, we had a few snow squalls and then clearing skies. The clear skies allowed the mercury to fall rapidly at sunset, down to -17C (2F) this morning at Trudeau Airport and -19C (-2F) on L'Ile Perrot. The temperature is rapidly turning the other way today and will rise up to plus 2C (36F) by midday Wednesday. That is the good news.

Here is the bad news, low pressure will move from the central plains into the Great Lakes tonight and east of Montreal Wednesday. Warm air overrunning the cold air at the surface will produce a quick moderate snowfall for southern Quebec. The snow will mix with freezing rain and rain in southern Ontario. Expect snow to start in Montreal around 6pm Tuesday and taper off early Wednesday morning. A good 10cm (4 inches) is forecast for the Montreal area into eastern Ontario with perhaps a little more along the US border. Gusty southwest winds up to 60km/h may cause blowing snow early Wednesday. Skies will clear Wednesday, and it should be the mildest day in over 6 weeks with a forecast high above freezing. Weather warnings for freezing rain and snow stretch from the lower Great Lakes and Ontario into New England but not metro Montreal at this time.

The warmth will be short lived as colder weather is expected by Thursday morning with lows back down to -12C (10F) and highs of -7C (19F) for Montreal.

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