Monday, 9 March 2015

Spring weather expected this week in southern Quebec

Finally a break in the action for tired snowplow operators this winter. The warming March sun is starting to melt the big piles of dirty snow like this one in Plattsburgh, NY on Saturday. (ValleyWX)
The clocks bounced ahead one hour over the weekend, a practice that dates back to World War I in order to save energy. The thought is simple, take the hour of daylight from the morning when we are less likely to need it and move it to the evening. I just wish they would do it at 4pm on Friday afternoon!

In any event it is a sign of spring and there will be others this week. The March sun is increasing in angle and strength and beginning to melt some of the massive piles of snow around. The temperature has responded in the last few days rising to the freezing point and making for some pleasant afternoons. We managed a little light snow Sunday and early this morning with 1-3cm across the region, bringing the monthly total up to 9cm at Trudeau Airport. Looking ahead to this week in Ontario and Quebec, we can expect very mild temperatures, the warmest so far this year. Highs today will rise above freezing to plus 2 or 3C (36 to 39F). Skies will be partly cloudy today and overnight with lows down to -4C (26F). Partly to mostly cloudy skies can be expected Tuesday and Wednesday with perhaps a shower, but with very mild highs of plus 5 to 7C (40 to 45F) in Montreal and eastern Ontario both days. That will feel almost summer like after the last 6 weeks. Cooler weather arrives Thursday, but only a couple of degrees below freezing at -2C (29F). No major storms are on the horizon at this time.

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