Friday, 20 March 2015

Spring arrives today at 6:45pm

A spectacular view of the total eclipse of the sun taking place today across parts of far northern Europe and Asia. 
This photo was taken in Svalbard, Norway. (AP)
You made it through another winter in Montreal! The Vernal Equinox is at 6:45pm EDT today across North America heralding the arrival of spring. It is just part of a celestial show being put on by mother nature today. At the same time that spring arrives, we have a super moon and a total eclipse of the sun, visible across the North Atlantic and portions of extreme northern Europe and Asia. By all accounts it has been spectacular.

The weather will eventually catch up to the season but sadly not this weekend. Low pressure moving through the middle Atlantic states this morning will ride up the eastern seaboard and give more snow to winter weary New England and Atlantic Canada this weekend. The snow and strong winds will reach as far west as the Gaspe region. Here in southern Quebec we can expect a sunny, milder Friday with temperatures above freezing to plus 3C (38F). Tonight weak low pressure will arrive from western Canada along with a strong cold front. Light snow will develop tonight and mix with rain on Saturday. Saturday will be mild again at 2C (36F). That cold front will slice across Ontario and Quebec on Saturday night with gusty northwest winds and periods of snow and blowing snow. Snowfall will be light, 2-4cm for Montreal. The big news will be the rapidly dropping temperatures behind the arctic front, down to -16 to -20C (3 to -4F) by Sunday morning and only climbing to around -9C (16F) during the daylight hours Sunday. It will feel even colder than that with a strong northwest wind all day. It will turn milder next week.

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