Friday, 5 June 2015

Great weather for Grand Prix weekend in Montreal

No rain is forecast for the F-1 race this weekend in Montreal, unlike the 2011 event above. Rain is hard on the drivers and miserable for the fans.
 We are looking at a great weekend but a little cool for the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada here in Montreal. Literally tens of thousands of tourists pour into to the city for various events leading up to the the F-1 race at 2pm Sunday at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. At this time the weekend will be framed with showers and thunderstorms, some today and more late Sunday into the overnight. In between we are looking at dry weather with temperatures a little below normal, 20C (68F) Saturday, and 23C (73F) on race day Sunday.

Today, a cold front will be moving across the St. Lawrence Valley late this afternoon with showers and perhaps a thunderstorm or two. The temperature will be close to 24C (75F) for a high. Southern Quebec is not looking for lots of rainfall, but with thunderstorms the possibility always exists for a downpour or two. Skies will clear out tonight and it will be chilly with an overnight low of 9C (48F). late June, early July outlook.

El Nino - Summer 2015
It is early in the 2015 summer weather season but I don't like the pattern that is developing in the St.Lawrence Valley. Many different weather outlets are debating whether it will be a cool or warm summer. It looks like a moderate summer to me by all the indicators, which basically means not overly hot or cold, let's say seasonable. We have however grown very accustom to very hot summers here in Montreal, so we may find it quite cool this year. Time will tell but with a strengthening El Nino in the Pacific Ocean, the indications are it will be a slightly cooler than normal summer for southern Quebec with above normal rainfall.

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