Friday, 26 June 2015

Unsettled end to June for Northeast & Quebec

Low pressure will move from Ohio to near Montreal this weekend with heavy rain and wind. (AccuWeather)
I wish I had better news as we enter the final weekend of June, but sadly I don't. A big ridge in the west and dip in the east in the jet stream is keeping the warmest weather across western Canada. Temperatures will soar into the 30's across B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan. Meanwhile Ontario and Quebec will remain at or below normal in the temperature department. Specifically here in Montreal we can expect a sunny day Friday with a high near 23C (74F). This is below the long term average by a few degrees. Sunshine will prevail Saturday with similar temperatures but clouds will be on the increase in the afternoon. The clouds will herald a rather vigorous system for late June that will move form the Ohio Valley slowly into southern Quebec on Sunday. This storm will tap into Gulf moisture and spread rain across the region. At this time rainfall amounts are expected to exceed 25mm. This will add to a very wet moth of June for Montreal as we have measured over 125mm (5 inches) of rainfall. The normal for June in Montreal should be around 87mm. In addition to the rain on Sunday, gusty winds in excess of 50km/h are forecast. Temperatures will be well below normal with the thick clouds and rain, reaching only 16C (60F).

The poor weather will continue into the start of next week with showers and thunderstorms forecast through Tuesday with below normal temperatures.

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