Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Heavy rain forces evacuations in Coaticook - Townships

Heavy rain, over 77mm overnight, has caused major flooding in Coaticook in the Eastern Townships. 
(CTV News Photo)
Over 40mm of rain has fallen in Montreal since Monday with more thunderstorms forecast this afternoon into the evening hours. While the rain has been nothing more than a nuisance so far in the city, it has produced serious flooding southeast of Montreal.

To be exact 38.2mm of rain has fallen on L'Ile Perrot since early Monday morning, but over 75mm (3 inches) of rain fell in Coaticook in the Eastern Townships in just a few hours late yesterday afternoon and into the overnight hours. The rain caused the Coaticook River to rapidly flood with roads washed out and cars swept away. Nearly 30 homes were evacuated overnight in the tiny community located south of Sherbrooke near the Vermont border. The rain also flooded Compton closing every road into that community. Firefighters had to rescue at least one motorist trapped in their vehicle. No other injuries have been reported so far. Heavy rain  and thunderstorms also occurred across central New York into northern Vermont. Several rivers in Vermont including the Winooski and Barton are reporting flooding this morning. All rivers in the region may begin to rise today due to runoff. My daughter is in Lennoxville not far from Compton, and lives on the Massawippi River, all looks good there so far.

It will be another rather warm and humid day across the region with a cold front arriving late in the day. Thunderstorms are forecast to develop in the St. Lawrence Valley in Ontario by 5pm and move southeast. Temperatures will warm to near 25C (77F) today in Montreal. Showers and storms will taper off overnight with clearing into Thursday. Temperatures will drop to 15C (60F) tonight and back up to 24C (76F) Thursday.

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